We understand that downtime is never an option. That's why fortify and systems management are built into every Linux®-predicated Galaxy laptop Care. From redundancy built into our Linux server and storage platforms to high-availability clustering solutions for failover, we have industry standards-predicated options to avail ascertain comprehensive software management.

Our Linux solutions include:

Enterprise Platforms

Linux has been rigorously tested and validated to ascertain compatibility, functionality and serviceability across our enterprise portfolio, including:

1. Galaxy Laptop Care EMC Open Manage Systems Management

Galaxy Laptop Care, Open Manage Systems Management and IT Operation solutions avails drive efficiency and get the most from your IT resources. Visit Galaxy Laptop Care to learn more.

2. Storage Solutions

Get potent, cost-efficacious data storage for your business from Galaxy Laptop Care to simplify your operations and increment your business efficiency.

Expedite your OLTP applications running on an Oracle® database with a Linux®-predicated operating system (Red Hat® Enterprise Linux [RHEL] or SUSE™ Linux) with our innovative solution. It engenders a cache pool that expedites performance on multiple servers (even for non-Dell servers) and significantly reduces latency between storage and cumbersomely hefty workload environments. OLTP workloads can:

Achieve more expeditious replication times

Increase transactions per second

Increase simultaneous users

1. Networking Solutions Our customer-driven, end to culminate networking solutions make traditional IT more efficient, & make modern IT more practical. Ascertain how Galaxy Laptop Care can fortify you.

2. Operaters Galaxy Laptop Care operates in 40 vertical markets and offers pristine equipment manufacturing to avail take your products to market. Accommodations Our expert and certified engineers and virtualization administrators will avail you implement our wide range of business-yare solutions:

1. Application Modernization Overcome IT challenges by relying on a single application modernization partner to avail manage your re-hosting and re-architecting needs.

2. Application Accommodations Start your transformation journey with Galaxy Laptop Care accommodations. We’re a trusted bellwether in enterprise application accommodations, with millions of dollars in IT cost savings distributed for our application development and maintenance customers.

3. Support Accommodations Make it facile to respond to IT demands and involutions by having the right support experts by your side. Software Linux integrates with many third-party software and hardware partners.

1. Technology Coalition Partners Galaxy Laptop Care partners with technology and solution providers across the globe to offer customers innovative and feature-affluent solutions that empower more preponderant efficiency and productivity.

Contact Galaxy Laptop Care to discover Linux products and accommodations that are right for your business.